6 Design Tips That Will Make a Big Impact When Selling Your Home

Tip#1. Paint

Always brighten the paint because it brightens the walls to make the walls look bigger and you want people when they are looking at the home to view the home as big as possible.

Tip#2. Lighting

Lighting is important as well in terms of creating drama and a focal point when you walk into a home. You can choose one space to have the most impact and a light fixture that is dynamic and becomes the centerpiece of the space and also something that provides drama when you walk in. Other light fixtures depending on where they are located can be more minimal to not take away from the focal point and yet accentuate the space they are in.

Tip#3. Upgrade the Countertop and the Backsplash

Thickening the countertop makes a huge difference in making the kitchen look more luxurious. Just to go to a little thicker countertop about 2” is good, makes a big difference, it makes it look higher-end. Then, with the backsplash, you can either make it the same as the countertop or you can contrast it with a different tile or stone. But if you do contrast it, don’t make it too specific or too punchy because it can turn somebody off.

Tip#4. Stage the Bookshelves

I can’t tell somebody how to arrange shelves; it takes kind of an artistic eye in terms of the balance between books and objects and how they are placed. in a way that it doesn’t feel too busy to the person looking at the bookshelves.

Tip#5. Upgrade the Wall Coverings

A great space to use wallcoverings is in the powder room. This is one space where you can be more specific and dramatic in design and it can have a “wow” factor.

Tip#6 Remove the Window Coverings

If you have a beautiful window that acts as the framework for the room and it enhances the way the room looks, I usually remove the window coverings. This is because you want the sunlight pouring in when someone comes into the home and you want them feeling like it's a happy, bright home. People will also get a chance to see the detail and trim of a beautiful window.

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